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 Goodletsville Greenways - Healthy Sumner

Zopiclon is used to treat sleep problems (insomnia). Take this medication by mouth before going to bed as directed. This medicine is usually taken for short periods of up to 4 weeks Zopiclone Bestellen Deutschland. Do not increase the dose or take this as prescribed, for longer. Tolerance can develop with long-term or excessive use making it less effective. Older people are usually more sensitive to the effects of these drugs. Use caution. After you stop taking these medications, you can experience sleep disorders for the first one or two nights. Be aware of this effect. If the problem persists, contact your doctor. Take your dose at or near bedtime. If you missed a dose, do not take if near the time for the next dose. Instead, skip the missed dose and your usual dosing schedule. Do not "double-up" the dose to catch up.

Portland Greenways - Healthy Sumner

Station Camp Greenways - Healthy Sumner

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