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Sleep disorders, short-term treatment The medicine should only be used if the sleep disorder is serious and can not be remedied by other measures, such as by removing the cause in the short term. Always: - Hypersensitivity to the ingredients Stilnox Schlaftabletten ohne Rezept - Sleep apnea syndrome (short-term breathing during sleep) - Myasthenia gravis (disease of the nervous system with muscle relaxation). You may be talking to your doctor or pharmacist: - breathing weakness - alcohol abuse, even if it has been around for a long time - drug abuse, even if it has been around for a long time - drug dependency, even if it has been a long time - impaired renal function. Children and adolescents below 18 years of age: The medicine must not be used. - Older patients over 65 years of age: The treatment should be carefully coordinated with your doctor and carefully monitored, e.g. Through tight checks. The desired effects and undesirable side effects of the drug may be amplified or attenuated in this group.

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