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Just Add Water Challenge

Sumner County “Just Add Water Challenge”

(Summer Has Ended, But It’s Not the End for Your Personal Water Challenge!)

            The dog days of summer have come to an end; however, this does not signal an end to the need for water in order to stay properly hydrated.  This summer, we introduced the “Just Add Water Challenge” with a 4-part series of articles published in The Gallatin News.  We challenged the people of Sumner County to increase their daily intake of water.  Water is essential to everyday life, from keeping you hydrated to helping you maintain a healthy body weight. 

            80% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, leading to mild symptoms such as fatigue, decreased mental status, and decreased urination, to severe symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, delirium, and unconsciousness.  Drinking water is the key to staying hydrated. Water helps your body in digesting food and carrying away waste. Water is essential for every chemical reaction in the body, and for your body to function at its best.

            Drinking water is the best beverage choice to help maintain your weight. Unlike other beverages that may contain sugar, caffeine, and extra calories, water is a no calorie, no sugar, and no caffeine beverage. It has been shown in some studies that drinking water before meals helps decrease hunger sensations and total calories consumed during the meal. 

           Even with all these positives to drinking water, it may be hard for some to talk themselves into drinking the recommended amount. Water has no taste and no color and is not very appealing to our senses. Water doesn’t have to be boring and one dimensional!  It can be pretty to look at and amazing to consume.  The use of infusion water bottles or pitchers to infuse water with fruits and herbs is a great way to add taste and beauty to your water. They are relatively inexpensive, ranging in price from $5 to $12. Below are a couple of water infusion recipes to get you excited about your water!

           As we head into fall and winter, proper hydration is still very important.  And, with the holidays coming up, keeping weight off will be a concern, and water can help you stay on goal. Keep your body healthy, happy, and hydrated, and ward off the excess holiday weight gain, by remembering to “Just Add Water”!

Infused Water Recipes:

Citrus Water: Add lemon, lime, and orange slices (2 – 4 of each) to one gallon of water and let infuse overnight

Lemony Herb Cucumber Water: In a one gallon pitcher of water, add ½ thinly sliced cucumber, 1 sliced lemon, a handful of thyme and mint, and a sprig of rosemary and refrigerate for 1 hour.

Apple Cinnamon Water: For one gallon of water, you add one chopped apple with peel on and 3 – 4 cinnamon sticks and let sit overnight. Great colder weather option when heated!


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