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The Sumner County Health Department in conjunction with the Sumner County Health Committee is sponsoring “Get Healthy Sumner Month” beginning Sunday, May 1st thru Saturday, June 1st.  

This initiative is designed to educate and motivate individuals and groups to adopting healthy lifestyle habits.

“Our goal is to improve the health of Sumner County and drive the county to #1 in the state. We currently sit 4th, if our residents would adopt just one healthy habit, increase physical activity, drink more water, put down the cigarettes, we could easily jump up the list” states Health Department Director, Hal Hendricks.

WASWestmorelandGet Healthy Sumner is a 5 week initiative where individuals, faith based organization, business, and groups take part in health and wellness related programs and activities. A Wellness Log has been created to assist in an individual in accomplishing their goals. Physical activity, water intake, consuming fruits and vegetables, living tobacco free and taking a mental health break are all components of the Wellness Log. By accomplishing these daily activities, the result is improved health and quality of life. “Improved sleep, more energy, mental tranquility, and the ability to cope with daily stress are all benefits from improving your health “adds Health Educator Kimberly Bonds. 

Get Healthy Sumner Activities, Programs, and Events

  • Greenways, Parks, and Trail Walks & Events– Over the 5 weeks, organized walks are planned to encourage individuals to get out and visit the numerous walkways, greenways, and trails around Sumner County. If you attend one of our scheduled walks, you will receive a one of a kind t-shirt.

  • CLICK HERE to see the list of walking events.

Get Healthy Sumner Community Partners

Sumner County Government - Sumner County Board Of Education – Coordinated School Health
City of Gallatin  - UT Extension
Sumner County Three Star Program - City of Hendersonville - Volunteer Behavioral Health
Sumner Regional Medical Systems - Sumner Co. Anti-Drug Coalition 

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