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Health Department Issues a Just Add Water Challenge

You have heard it all your life. Water is essential for life. Water has many health benefits. However, it is estimated that up to 80% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.


In an effort to alter this outcome, professionals at the Sumner County Health Department are issuing a “Just Add Water Challenge” to residents of Sumner County. This is an educational, four part informational series written to persuade individuals to drink the proper amount of water daily. In addition, health department staff will be out and about visiting locations across the county with information and incentives encouraging individuals and groups to step up and drink up. The goal is to have individuals take charge of their drinking habits and consume the proper amount of water that the body requires. Beverages other than water can help you meet your daily water needs; nevertheless, water should make up the greater portion of your daily fluid intake.


In today’s society many individuals have bypassed water for the numerous beverage options marketed to the public. The market is saturated with these drink choices. Beverage companies have spent millions of dollars marketing their products. Most of which contain caffeine, sugars, and artificial ingredients that are detrimental to good health. Excess sugars from many drinks have resulted in an increase in obesity in adults as well as children. Most drinks marketed to children in the form of sodas, energy drinks, or sweetened teas, generally have high sugar content and empty calories which puts children at a higher risk of obesity.


The “Just Add Water Challenge” hopes to enlist you to take time and make clear, educated decisions on your choice of beverages. The physical health benefits may surprise you. Look for the series of articles from the health department aimed at encouraging you to make healthier drink decisions.


The topics that will be cover include:  

Part 1: Dehydration

Part 2: Harmful effects of Sugary Drinks

Part 3: Adequate Water Intake and its Impact on Weight Loss/Weight Management

Part 4: Healthy Alternative Water Recipes without Artificial Sweeteners!

And remember, JUST ADD WATER!!!

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